Way Too Cool CONVOY C8 DRAGONFLY - 365nm LW UV Flashlight


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  • NEW higher output CUN66A1G 365nm UV LED!! 

  • Significantly more UV energy emitted compared to most UV flashlights on the market, such as the Convoy S2+ or S2.
  • Energy-efficient switching regulator driver enables the flashlight to run cooler and longer.
  • 1.5A drive current remains constant through the operation of the flashlight. 
  • Authentic 365nm LED heat sinked to the flashlight housing allows for cooler operation.
  • Large head with ZWB2 UV filter glass pre-installed. 1.75" diameter filter opening is 6.25 times larger than Convoy S2+/S2 flashlights.-
  • 18650 Extension Tube is standard on this flashlight. 
  • Uses two button-top 18650 Li-Ion batteries for longer operating time compared to RCR123A cells.
  • Optionally, can be adapted to be powered by two RCR123A batteries if you want to shorten the length of the light as well as it's runtime.
  • Flashlight safely shuts down when batteries are near depletion.
  • The Convoy C8 emits the same radiance of UV regardless of which battery type is used! But you will see significantly longer runtime using 18650 cells vs RCR123A cells. 
  • Shipping directly to you from the UNITED STATES with the proper UV filter pre-installed for fluorescent mineral use, and much more!
  • Multiple Battery Options
    • Protected 18650's rated at around 3000 mAh
  • Multiple Charger Options
    • Basic Dual Charger
    • AC 2-Bay Charger
    • USB 2-Bay Charger
    • USB 4-Bay Charger
  • Optional C8 Belt Holster
  • No assembly required - Works out of the box.
  • Manufactured Directly & Exclusively
  • Patented in US #7781751
  • Quick Delivery
  • Reliable seller. 


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THIS LIGHT is manufactured directly by Convoy for Way Too Cool. Beware of other sellers who are not offering this GENUINE Convoy C8 UV Flashlight. Thank you for shopping with Midnight Minerals for the best in UV Mineral Lights, Lamps, Flashlights! Don't waste your hard-earned money on fakes/copies that don't have a great warranty and great reliability like this UV light. Midnight Minerals has been providing the best lights in the hobby for over a dozen years at this point. And we have been selling UV LED flashlights since about 2010, long before there were many Hunters of Fluorescent Sodalite on the shores of the Great Lakes. And well before anybody named this rock Yooperlites.


Mineral collectors, you need to stay away from the cheap UV flashlights which do not list their UV wavelength. Those lights or ones listed as 395nm UV are NOT for Mineral use.


INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Please only order this light with ONE set of 18650 batteries or flashlight-only due to international shippping restrictions. 


NOTE: Mineral specimens in photo are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with this flashlight. 


This is a high-performance light and is not intended for continuous use because the LED WILL overheat and burn out if the light is left on continuously for too long. The flashlight sheds the excess heat to the surrounding air - so if it is cold out - say less than 55 degrees F, the flashlight may be operated for much longer periods of time than if the surroundings are room temperature. When the head of the flashlight feels hot to the touch, turn the flashlight off and let it cool for a few minutes. Just turn it on when looking, off when not. Don't make the mistake of putting it in your pocket when it is turned on.


Except for the LED itself, there is a standard 1 year warranty for the main components of the flashlight. Burned out LEDs are covered for a three-month warranty. If you burn out the LED after three months, you can ship the head of the flashlight to Way Too Cool at your expense, and for a fee of $18.00, WTC will replace the LED and ship the head back to you.


Way Too Cool CONVOY C8 DRAGONFLY - 365nm LW UV Flashlight

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