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  • How do I open the flashlight to change batteries?
    To open the Aurora 365nm UV Flashlight for inserting and removing batteries. We unscrew the battery compartment portion of the flashlight body from the head portion. This is toward the middle part of the flashlight body slightly toward the head end. DO NOT attempt to unscrew the round portion (on the right side in this photo). That is part of the head assembly. Inside there are wires and the internal components of the flashlight head. Damage arising from your opening that portion of the flashlight is NOT covered under our 1 year warranty. We can, of course, repair your light under a time and materials basis. Additionally, there is NO need to remove the tail cap where the power button is on the tail end of the light. You cannot access the battery compartment from that end either. ONLY open the flashlight from the middle as shown in this photo. The negative end of the Li-Ion 18650 is placed in into the battery compartment and rest against the springs at the tail of the flashlight. The positive, button end of the batteries will be seen on the top of the battery compartment when all four batteries are inserted. To connect the two parts, line up the threads of the battery compartment with the threads of the flashlight head, press the two together and turn counter clockwise, as if loosening the connection. Within one rotation, you should feel or hear sort of a click. That is the sign that you have the threads aligned. At that point, while holding the two parts together to compress the springs, rotate clockwise to tighten the flashlight back together. Do not force it. Keep turning until you start getting a bit of resistance where you have the two parts seated together. Don't over tighten. Do NOT use tools to tighten either. If it feels you are not lining them up correctly, especially if you feel any resistance, turn counter clockwise to loosen the body, and try these steps again.
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