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Convoy C8 UV Flashlights are available in three popular kits. Each kit contains the Convoy C8 6 Watt 365nm Filtered Long-throw UV Mineral Flashlight. The ZWB2 UV Bandpass Filter comes pre-installed. No assembly required. The Convoy C8 runs on two lithium-ion 18650 size batteries. Rechargeable batteries, chargers and other accessories bundled into each kit are listed below:


  • 2-bay USB Battery Charger (500mA x 2)
  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries (Li-Ion 18650 3000mAh)

C8 PRO Kit

  • 2-Bay Fast Battery Charger (USB 1000mAx2)
  • 4 Rechargeable Batteries (Li-Ion 18650 3000mAh)


  • 4-Bay Fast Battery Charger (4-bay USB 500mA x 4, 700mA x 3, 1000mA x 2, 2000mA x 1)
  • 4 Rechargeable Batteries (Li-Ion 18650 3000mAh)
  • Flashlight Belt Holder
  • Battery Belt Holder (Holds 4 x 18650)

Our Convoy C8 365nm UV Flashlight is a superb thrower of clean longwave UV light. When it comes to hunting Yooperlites, this light is the BEST!

  • Emits a strong, long-distance beam

  • Cooler running than many other lights

  • Strong and Durable

  • UV Bandpass filter pre-installed to reduce visible light emission.

  • Ideal light for longwave UV reactive minerals such as:

    • Yooperlites / Sodalite Rich Syenite - orange

    • Aragonite - pink and other colors

    • Hackmanite - orange

    • Calcite - many colors

    • Fluorite - Blue

    • Autunite - green

    • Opalite - lime-green

    • Willemite - green

    • Tremolite - pink/orange

    • Wernerite - yellow

    • ...and many more


We highly recommend the use of UV Protective Safety Glasses with this shortwave UV flashlight.

Convoy C8 365nm Long-Throw UV /UVA LED Flashlight

PriceFrom $76.95
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