Way Too Cool CONVOY S2 7135*5 - 6 watt
4.2 volt DC - Longwave UV Mineral Flashlight - 365nm UVA 1750 mA


365nm UV LED
LG 7135*5 1750mA single mode
ZWB2 UV Filter Installed
New Metallic Gray Body


More UV Output Than Older Convoy Models:

  • Black Convoy S2+ with Nichia LED & LG 7135*2 - 700mA
  • Black Convoy S2 with LG 7135*3 - 1050mA


Distributed in the USA by

Midnight Minerals


Batteries: This Flashlight operates on one Rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion Battery. PLEASE SELECT A BATTERY/CHARGER COMBINATION WHEN ORDERING. 

This may be ordered as:

    For customers who already own 18650 batteries and a charger
  • FLASHLIGHT with single or dual-bay charger and 1 or 2 Basic or Premium Batteries
    Affordable and High quality, high capacity power options


The value you derive from this item compared to other unfiltered UV flashlights, including unfiltered older generation Convoy S2+ flashlights, is that it includes the UV filter that reduces the distracting purple haze you get with most black lights. The fluorescence of your minerals wil pop much better from a distance when the background is not showered in overwhelming purple light. You will locate the minerals that the collectors with inferior 395nm UV flashlights will walk right past. And when you get your minerals home, should you want to sell your new found treasures online, you will have the advantage over others because your photos will attract more bidders to your ad since you wont have the same purple/blue haze on your photos. Differentiate yourself from the crowd with a top quality UV flashlight. 


  • 365nm Ultraviolet LED UV 365 inside
  • Max forward current 1750 mA - ~6 watt
  • Radiant Flux approximately ~3 watt UV
  • ZWB2 UVA Bandpass Filter Pre-Installed
  • Lanyard Pre-Installed
  • IP-65 Waterproof
  • Weight without battery 78g (roughly 125g - depending on battery)
  • Size 120mm x 24mm (length x diameter)
  • Higher Performing 365nm Longwave UV (UVA) flashlight from the same maker of the Convoy S2+ & S2 UV flashlights.
  • Shipping directly to you from the UNITED STATES with the proper UV filter pre-installed for fluorescent mineral use, and much more! 
  • No need for you to buy multiple items from multiple sellers in China and wait a month or more for everything to trickle in. The hassle is over. 
  • Works out of the box.
  • No assembly required.
  • Patented in US #7781751
  • Quick delivery.
  • Reliable seller. 


Viewing minerals with this LED Flashlight is a treat! It activates fluorescence in minerals not thought to be LW fluorescent especially due to the UV filter pre-installed. You will get accurate, intense fluorescence from well known longwave fluorescent minerals like Fluorite, Sodalite, Hackmanite. However, you will also see a fluorescent response with many minerals which normally only glow under shortwave UV illumination. Many calcites unexpectedly fluoresce and exhibit phosphorescence under this light. Franklin, NJ Willemite, Calcite and Sphalerite all fluoresce under the 365nm filtered UV of the Conway S2 LG 365nm Longwave UV LED Mineral Light. There are certainly many fluorescence differences compared to true 254nm shortwave UV light sources. But discovering how some shortwave minerals glow under this light is pretty interesting!


Why order an UNFILTERED Convoy from China and wait 30 days? If you haven't noticed lately the price from China has gone up! You won't need to obtain the specialized tool to disassemble the lamp head to install the filter either! In stock here in the Eastern US!!


NOTE: Mineral specimens in photo are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with this flashlight. 


WTC CONVOY S2 7135*5 365nm LW Flashlight

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