Way Too Cool 18SML-UP - 18 watt - Universal Power (12 volt DC or 110/220 volt AC)
Triple Shortwave/Midwave/Longwave UV Portable or Plug-In Mineral Lamp


This fan-cooled lamp features three individually selectable UV wavelengths:

  • 18 watt 254nm UVC / Shortwave UV Tube
  • 18 watt 315nm UVB / Midwave UV Tube
  • 18 watt 368nm UVA / Longwave UV Tube

Runs on 12-16.8V DC or 110 or 220 volt 50/60Hz AC power sources

Dimensions: 10.375"L x 7.375"W x 3.75"H (Handle +2.25", Rubber Feet +0.375")

Weight: 6.8 lbs

Includes US Standard AC Power Cord with IEC C13 3-pin shroud female to 3-prong grounded plug male (NEMA 5-15-P) as well as a DC cord with standard vehicle cigarette plug and Anderson PowerPole DC Connector (RR-TT).


An impressive 45 square inches of UV filter area. Approximately 15 square inches each. The combined UVC/UVB genuine Hoya U-325C UV filter glass measures 7.75" x 4". The UVA filter glass measures 7.75"x1.75"


Battery Pack Options with Approximate Runtimes

  • 14.7V 7800 mAh Pack 4S3P
    • ~4.2h operating one tube
    • TBD operating two tubes
    • ~1.2h operating three tubes
  • 14.7V 6600 mAh Pack 4S3P
    • TBD operating one tube
    • TBD operating two tubes
    • TBD operating three tubes
  • 14.7V 5200 mAh Pack 4S2P
    • ~2.8 h operating one tube
    • TBD operating two tubes
    • ~0.8h operating three tubes

Way Too Cool 18 watt Triple SW/MW/LW Universal Power Lamp

PriceFrom $900.00