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MidnightMinerals Favorite Links

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

So what online resources are the favorites of Midnight Minerals? I like to hang out on the Fluorescent Minerals Group on Facebook. Lots of interesting posts and photos. The group offers me an opportunity to help out beginners to fluorescent mineral collecting. A related page with fantastic fluorescent mineral photography and information on just about anything related is Natures Rainbows. One site that seems to have improved quite a lot recently and it turning into another nice resource for the Franklin, NJ area fluorescent minerals is the site of the Franklin-Ogdensburg Mineral Society, Inc., of which I am a member. The Fluorescent Mineral Society site has a lot of old information that is of use occasionally as well. This next website is probably one of the most important sites of all to me here at MidnightMinerals, MINDAT!

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