Way Too Cool 9SL-110 - 9 watt - 110 volt AC
Dual Shortwave/Longwave UV Mineral Lamp


One of our most popular Ultraviolet Lamps is this 9 watt Triple wavelength UV Lamp. This light is ideal for fluorescent rock & mineral collecting; forensics; biological research; fossil and artifact verification; nondestructive testing; detecting leaks and pet stains; hunting scorpions; checking currency, stamps, passports; and many other applications requiring a source of ultraviolet radiation.


This Way Too Cool lamp fixture features two Philips 9 watt 2 pin (PL-S 9W 2P) compact fluorescent "H" UV tubes being slightly over-driven with a 13 watt ballasts. According to the Philips catalog (at 100 hours of use) a 9 watt UV C tube emits a total of 2.4 watts of UV (overdriving them using a 13 watt ballast, causes them to emit about 3.2 total watts of UV). This 9 watt lamp fixture also has individual switches for the individual wavelength lamps and the cooling fan. 

WTC 9 watt Dual SW/LW AC

SKU: 9SL-110