Way Too Cool 36SML-110/220 - 36 watt - 110/220 volt AC
Triple Shortwave/Midwave/Longwave UV Plug-In Mineral Display Lamp


This fan-cooled lamp features three individually selectable UV wavelengths:

  • 36 watt 254nm UVC / Shortwave UV Tube
  • 36 watt 315nm UVB / Midwave UV Tube
  • 36 watt 368nm UVA / Longwave UV Tube


An impressive 90 square inches of UV filter area. Approximately 30 square inches each. The combined UVC/UVB genuine Hoya U-325C UV filter glass measures 15.75" x 3.875". The UVA genuine Kokomo UV-400 filter glass measures 15.75"x1.875"

Fixture dimensions are: 18.5" long x 8.5" wide x 4.5" high (7" including the handle).


Note: These are initial, quickly-taken cell phone photos of this lamp unit. I didn't even clean off the dust from unpacking this from the box. More photos to come later. 

WTC 36 watt Triple SW/MW/LW AC

SKU: 36SML-110/220